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Jim Thompson: Our Choice for Representative

House District 23

West McMinnville, Adair Village, Alsea, Dallas, Jefferson, Monroe, Rickreall, Amity, Dayton, and Willamina.

Jim Thompson is the right choice to represent us in the Legislature. We can count on him to look out all of us. He is a proven legislative problem solver. Jim believes the legislature is the people’s Board of Directors and should behave as such. Check the partisan politics at the door.

For several years, Jim was our representative in the Legislature. He worked hard with the people of this District to make our communities better. He was a Republican who often collaborated with Democrats and Independents to get things done. He is widely respected for his ability to find common agreement on tough issues.

That made some people angry. So they dumped a bunch of money into the Republican primary to defeat him. And as a result, today we have a representative who thinks his only job is to vote no. But voting no doesn’t get us what we need.

Our communities need great schools, better roads, and good jobs. We need a Representative that will work on behalf of all the people in this District. A leader who can convince their colleagues to vote yes when it comes to our priorities.

Jim Thompson was effective in Legislature. He practiced fiscal discipline and cut taxes for small businesses. Jim supported increase funding for the state police to expand patrols and has stood up for our personal liberties.

We need leaders today who can bring us together. Partisanship will rip this country apart if we let it. Please join us in supporting Jim Thompson!

Citizens for Jim Thompson